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  • Peaceful location
  • Spacious rooms
  • Cleanliness
  • Free Parking
  • Free Internet
  • Stunning views
  • Low Prices



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Access and Map

From the bus station of Corfu town (in the new harbor area) there are frequent connections to Sinarades - Ag.Gordio. The journey takes about 30 minutes although the distance is around 15 km. The reason is that the bus follows a route through several villages compensating you however, as it offers a path of unparalleled natural beauty. Information on bus routes to Corfu tel 0030 2661 - 30627-8-9


The route can be covered in about twenty minutes depending on the route you choose:

  1. From the town of Corfu road to AIRPORT - Koinopiastes Kastelanoi Mesis - Sinarades - Ag Gordios: The shortest route - road very good.
  2. From the town of Corfu road to Pelekas - Sinarades - Ag Gordios Road good but the mileage is more.

Tell us if you need a taxi and make sure you wait at the airport or the port!

Consult the map for exact location of the hotel.